7 Obvious Lies About Teeth Health You Always Believed

Snow-white smile is the dream of many, and healthy teeth is the desire of all. One of the conditions of this are the mandatory trips to the dentist, and not only when the tooth pain is already unbearable. Today we want to tell you about the myths, surrounding topics related to dental health.

Lie #1. It Is Enough To Clean My Teeth Once a Day

Everyone’s morning  ritual includes washing and cleaning of the teeth, but the night is sometimes associated with going to the bathroom “before going to sleep.” A lot of people don’t brush their teeth at night or do it rarely. There is a myth that a single time tooth brushing will be enough… It is all because of our laziness. engage in oral hygiene should be at least two times in two minutes. and if possible, you may also want to brush your teeth after every meal or use dental floss.

Lie #2. Chocolate Causes Toothache

Teeth ache because of caries, and the reason it is acid that stands out when eating sweets, and directly in the process in this case is better to eat than lollipop chocolate candy and Chupa-Chups. After 5 minutes lasts caramel sucking, which means that all of the five minutes allocated acid eats away at your teeth. every time you ate something sweetdon’t forget to popoloskat′ your mouth just water.

Lie #3. If Teeth Don’t Hurt, It Means That Everything is OK With Them

a mistake to think that with a tooth that something happened at that moment when you pierced a terrible pain. most of us goes to the dentist in that case where, as a rule, the tooth cannot be saved. it often happens that a tooth falling apart from within, and you do not suspect and only when it comes to the channeland he always makes itself felt, you realize that there was a ‘failure’. But even in such cases, do not all go to the dentist and the ‘wait’ flux, which is a very dangerous thing by itself.

Lie #4. Teeth Cleaning Damages Teeth

from where he was born, this myth is not likely, it is rooted in fear before the procedure. Tartar delete not that desirable, but Not a must. dental manipulation of shaking and damage the teeth, and the stone contributed to their loss, parodontozu and tooth decay. modern methods for stone removal painless.

Lie #5. You Should Not Care About Your Baby’s Milk Teeth

can not think most parents believe that the milk teeth do not deserve close attention, because they still will. this view is flawed. If milk teeth will remain without proper care, they will drop out before the time that is not a good sign if the teeth will fall out and grow unevenly, they will also both in vain. — in the truest sense of the word. just imaginethat one tooth fell out, then fell nearby. But here’s one grows and the other not yet appear. Nature abhors a vacuum, and the first tooth will grow the recently bent random, emptiness. If, however, it will be surrounded by healthy teeth, the new tooth will grow straight out, it will not krivit′sâ-the space will be filled on time and growing up a loose tooth. Therefore, the wrong care of milk teeth is the inadequate growth of teeth, which leads to braces and constant visits to the dentist, who do not like children. Children should brush their teeth pastes do not contain fluoride.

Myth #6. inheritance about good

some people believe that once they inherited were good teeth, which happens often, then you are not thinking in the body at different stages in the various processes can occur, sometimes to very unexpected person. a factor can easily push your teeth to destruction and then your heredity gives a crack, and teeth begin to fall out. That would cause such dental disaster-just wondering Why.even as a ‘genetically’ strong teeth, do not neglect the dentist.

Myth #7. ‘The nerve’ teeth

for some reason some people believe that once a tooth removed the nerve, so now it’s lifeless and he had not threatened. on the contrary, it was ‘lifeless’ tooth is prone to rapid wear and breakage. why the doctors keep trying by hook or by nerve and remove it when the caries ‘went’ and ‘nervous’ without removing is indispensable. do not run your mouth and go to the dentist every six months. Teeth are not only internal rate of health but also your business card.

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