7 Things to Look For in Your Next Dentist

  1. Well Located: Try and find a dental office that is large enough to fit twelve or more patients and is based in either a medical office park or a building that is purely a dental office. These may sound like strange details but large offices can handle patient volume better and you will spend less time waiting for your appointment.

  1. Candidness: Like with any medical professional you need your doctor to be honest with you about your health, if they need to give your bad news or tough love so be it.  
  2. Skilled Assistants: Dental assistants tend to spend more time with patients than the dentist themselves, skilled and friendly assistants are important to look for when choosing a new dentist.
  1. The Right Touch: Nobody particularly enjoys going to the dentist, but the difference between a tolerable visit and a torture session is often times decided by how carefully you dentist and dental assistant inspect and clean your teeth. A firm tough is good but if you’re being yanked around and feels like obvious unnecessary pain is occurring that is considered too rough.
  1. Comfy Chairs: This may sound a bit frivolous, but decent chairs can make all the difference during a dental visit. Make sure they have plenty of neck and head support and fit relatively well to the contour of your body, older dental chairs tend to fail in both of these departments.
  1. Reasonable Expectations: If your dentist is asking you to brush your teeth for five minutes and day and floss after every meal they are asking too much. If you feel your dentist is telling you to do something excessive in terms of dental care chances are that it is in fact excessive.
  2. Emphasis on Health Not Glamour: If you specifically want cosmetic dental work done that’s a different story, but if you and your dentist agree your teeth are healthy but your dentist is still pushing fancy optional procedures you may want to shop somewhere else.   


If you’re looking for a new dentist in Santa Clarita, or just want a second opinion call Aesthetic Dental & Specialty Center in Santa Clarita at (661) 290-2825 or visit the contact us page.

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