The Only Advice You Need to Find a New Dentist

Your dental health is every bit as important as the rest of your physical well-being, and you don’t want just anyone taking care of your smile. Finding the best dentist in Santa Clarita is well worth your time so read on to learn how!But when it comes time to find a new dentist, what should you look for? Who should you ask? Before you take the plunge with a new dentist, consider these tips to help you make the best choice.

Ask people you trust– Don’t rely on a page of Internet search results to guide you to the most conveniently-located dentist on the list. Take a mini poll of friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers to see which dental practice they go to and whether they would recommend it. Unlike anonymous results and testimonials you might find online, the people who are closest to you can be trusted to give you honest opinions and recommendations when it comes to your dental health. Additionally, friends and neighbors who live close to you will be able to give you the scoop on dentists located right in your neighborhood.

Ask questions- Before scheduling an appointment at your newly-chosen dental practice, it is perfectly fine to ask the staff members a few things. One very important item to take into consideration is whether the dentist accepts your insurance provider. It is not good to show up at a new dentist’s office for an emergency filling only to find out they don’t take your dental plan. Also, you may want to ask questions about the dentist’s hours, availability, and alternative methods of anesthesia if you have a fear of needles. You may even wish to pop by for a visit before scheduling your first appointment.

Ask your current dentist– If you are parting on good terms with your dentist and simply need to switch practices due to a move or a change in insurance providers, he or she is a good resource for recommending another outstanding dentist. Like doctors, many dentists know each other as a result of networking or attending seminars and training classes together, and your current dentist may have the inside track on which dentist is a good fit for you in your new situation.

If you are seeking quality dental care in the Santa Clarita area, Aesthetic Dental & Specialty Center is here for you! Our team of highly-skilled professionals specializes in all aspects of dental health, including family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implants, orthodontics and emergency dentistry. Call us today at 661-290-2825 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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