Post Oral Surgery Care: What You Need to Know

Whatever the nature of your oral surgery, it’s important to take the right steps to ensure complete recovery. Pain is a natural part of the recovery process, as is bleeding, swelling, and possibly oozing. However, these issues subside with the right care.

Let’s review what the best dentist in Santa Clarita wants you to know about post-surgery care:

Warm, Damp Towel

Use a warm, moist towel to relieve soreness, stiffness, and swelling in the jaw following oral surgery. Apply the towel to the affected side of the face several times daily to provide the relief you need. It’s essential to use moist heat in the first 48 hours after your surgery.


Rinse with warm, salty water three times a day, as mouth cleaning is required 24 hours after surgery. Use ¼ teaspoon of table salt in a small cup of water and heat it so it’s warm but not hot. You may brush your teeth the first day after your surgery, however take extra care not to irritate the affected area.


Do not smoke cigarettes or use tobacco products of any kind while healing from oral surgery. To do so is to slow the healing process and risk infection. It can also cause additional discomfort.


Refrain from using straws to drink water or other beverages while recovering from surgery. The sucking act can cause any blood clots to dislodge, which again prolongs the healing process.


Avoid serious activity for up to two days after your surgery, as it may cause bleeding or general discomfort. Rest as much as you can, and keep your head elevated at a 45-degree angle when lying down. Do not drive or operate machinery while recovering.

Food and Drink

Limit yourself to soft foods that require minimal chewing. Hot foods and hot drinks should be avoided whenever possible, though you should keep your fluid intake up. Stick to water, as it’s the healthiest option.

For more on oral surgery procedures, please contact your Santa Clarita dentist at Aesthetic Dental & Specialty Center today.

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