Signs You May Need Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is a dental procedure that prevents a severely-decayed tooth from abscessing or otherwise becoming infected. It involves removing the tooth’s pulp and nerve, cleaning the tooth, and sealing it. Signs that a root canal may be required are often similar to other dental symptoms, making it essential to schedule an appointment with your Santa Clarita dentist to determine the cause. Ignoring a decaying tooth and any other dental problem will not make the issue go away!

Let’s review the signs that may indicate root canal therapy is necessary:

Prolonged Pain

Tooth pain that lasts is a sign of a decaying tooth, particularly if the pain radiates through other parts of the body, such as the temples and jaw. Such pain may even affect your ability to enjoy a full night’s rest. Pain is usually due to dying pulp or abscess formation.

Gum “Pimple”

A bump or “pimple” that forms on the gum is another potential sign root canal therapy is required. The pimple could indicate the discharge of odorous pus.


Does one of your teeth appear darker than those around it? While tooth staining is common, particularly in those who drink coffee and smoke cigarettes, one severely-discolored tooth may point to root canal therapy.

Hot and Cold Sensitivity

Some people are naturally sensitive to hot and cold foods/beverages, and may alleviate the issue via specific toothpastes and other measures. However, prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold foods/beverages is also a sign of significant tooth pulp damage.

“Bite Down” Pain

If you experience tooth pain each time you bite into a piece of food or touch the tooth, you could need root canal therapy. This pain is due to inflammation at the tooth root tip.

If experiencing the above symptoms, schedule an appointment with Aesthetic Dental & Specialty Center today. The Santa Clarita dentist is the area’s best, and can easily diagnose your problem.

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