White Fillings

Most people have fillings in their mouthes. In the past, teeth were filled with amalgam or other metals. These days, a white filling is the most used type of fillings. It looks very natural and supports the remaining teeth very well. White filling can be placed in a single visit. Call Aesthetic Dental & Specialty Center today at (661) 290-2825 to schedule an appointment!

What Is a White Filling?

White filling (also known as a composite resin) is a tooth-colored plastic and fine glass mixture used to restore the tooth. White filling is popular because it matches the color, texture and translucency of natural teeth and provides a much better result than amalgam fillings.

What Are the Main Advantages of White Fillings?

    • Aesthetics

White fillings are more cosmetically appealing than silver amalgam fillings. They closely match the color of surrounding natural teeth and may be applied both on front and back teeth.

    • Strength

White fillings are directly bonded to the teeth creating a tight super fit to the natural tooth. This also provides some protective effect against further tooth fracture.

    • Durability

White fillings provide good durability and resistance. The bonding of white fillings to the tooth restores 90% of the original teeth strength. Composite fillings usually last about 8 years.

    • Free of Toxic Substances

Made of plastic mixture filled with glass particles, white fillings are free of mercury and other toxic material.

How Is a White Filling Procedure Performed?

White fillings are chemically bonded to teeth. Therefore, the placement of white fillings doesn't necessarily require anesthesia. Numbing the area is needed in case of a deep tooth decay beneath the enamel layer.

    • Step 1.

First, the tooth surface where the filling will be applied is cleaned. After the decay is removed, mild acid gel is applied to this area to open pores in the enamel. Then, a bonding agent is placed into the open pores and cured.

    • Step 2.

After the curing procedure, white filling is placed in layers until the desired shape is achieved. A special curing light helps to harden the composite material. Once the filling hardens, it will be shaped to fit the tooth by smoothing and polishing.


With good aftercare white fillings can last for many years. There can be some sensitivity within few days after the filling is placed. Use a soft toothbrush, a non-abrasive toothpaste, floss your teeth regularly – this will increase the lifespan of the fillings.

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