10 Most Popular people born in Santa Clarita & Valencia

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Santa Clarita is the third largest city in Los Angeles County and is officially known as the City of Santa Clarita. The Spaniards arrived in the place in August 1769 and gave the name Santa Clara because of the river St. Clare which appeared before them.

There are many exciting things to be done in Santa Clarita & Valencia, which includes activities for kids, outdoor recreation and a host of amusing things. You’ll always find something to while away your time in the city. Here are the top 50 free things to be done in the city. In addition, the 18th largest city in California is renowned for having given birth to some of the most popular in the world.
Let’s have a look at the top ten famous people born in this wonderful city.

Atticus Ronald Shaffer is an American actor who was born to Debbie and Ron Shaffer on June 19, 1998. He’s famous for depicting Brick Hayek in the American sitcom-The Middle-which has been airing since September 30, 2009 on ABC. This show earned a Gracie Award in 2011 for being an excellent comedy series. Atticus was discovered in 2006 by his manager and he got the role of a guest starrer in The Class. The famous kid suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, type IV, which is a genetic disorder inherited from his mother. He loves reading Star Wars and taking part in camping trips.

Another lad from Santa Clarita, Matthew Josten, had earned a great place for himself in Hollywood at the tender age of eight. He launched his career when he was only four by appearing in some commercials. This amazing boy was born to Cindy and Mike Josten on September 8, 1997.When he reached the age of five, he started being popular on television shows like “Strong Medicine” and “Birds of Prey.” Furthermore, he got a major recurring role as the young son of Bud and Harriet Roberts on “Jag.” He was only five when he got another role as Mimi’s son, Gus on “The Drew Carrey Show.” The family now resides in Valencia and Mike runs the Santa Clarita School of The Performing Arts.

Kayla Paige, whose original name was Michaela Flippen, is a shapely brunette born on May 8, 1983 in Santa Clarita. She got involved with hardcore movies when she was 19 years. Her hippy attitude assisted her to choose this profession since she couldn’t make it as a mainstream actor or model. Hence, she embraced the porn industry without any unwillingness. She felt somewhat awkward for the first four years and refused to do certain scenes but later went on to become the top actress in the industry. In addition, she has been featured on top men’s magazines like Hustler, Genesis and Penthouse, and has worked for top notch companies like Brazzers, Wicked Pictures and Jill Kelly Productions among others.

Mackenzie Rosman, popularly known as Katelyn Salmon, was an American actress born on December 28, 1989. She’s best known for portraying Ruthie Camden on the show 7th heaven, which was the longest running television show. She passed away at the tender age of 24 because of cystic fibrosis. Besides acting, Katelyn was an active supporter of The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and wished to educate the common man about the importance of organ donation.

Ann Marie Rios was born Sarah Marie Thomson in Santa Clarita on September 5, 1981. She’s an American actress of Latin descent. Ann studied at Hollywood’s Van Mar Academy of Acting and got a real estate license when she was 18. She entered the adult industry one year later and was quite a sensation. Ann starred in Mark Ronson’s music video “Ooh Wee” where she took up the role of Nate Dogg’s girlfriend. After taking a year- long break from the porn industry, she included the surname Rios to depict her Latina heritage.

Brian Avery is an American activist who was born as Brian Edward Avery in Santa Clarita on October 19, 1973. In his life as a volunteer for the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) in West Bank, he was shot by Israeli Defense Forces in the face on April 5, 2003. This resulted in permanent disfigurement to Avery. His jawbones and eye socket were brutally smashed. The ISM hero accepted an Israeli settlement for USD $150,000 in November 2008 for abating the lawsuit.

Jeff Brockton Zaremba is a prolific actor and stunt performer who was born in Santa Clarita on October 31, 1967. He grew up in Villa Park California and did a Radio Television Film Major from Cal State University Long Beach. From an early age Jeff was involved in various sports like track and field, football, gymnastics and skiing. In the late 80s he was hired for The Miami Vice Live Stunt Show and later in the Waterworld Stunt Spectacular. Jeff has been active in television shows, commercials and live shows for more than 20 years. He has recently been featured in The Losers and The Fields & The Courier.

Dillion Paigen is a sports fanatic and an aspiring actor born and brought up in Santa Clarita. He took part in Track & Field events when he was in high school and also played football. His life changed when he was admitted to College of Canyons to pursue a course in Kinesiology. It was during this time that Dillion chose an Improvisation & Scene Study class as an elective. The first scene he took part was a scene from Ted Tally’s “Hooters,” where he played the role of Ricky. Dillion absolutely fell in love with acting and decided to become an accomplished actor. He studied with David Gray at Gray Studios and later at the Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts. He portrayed James in his very first project in an American reality television series called “My Life is a Lifetime Movie.”

Zane Cassidy is an American actor born on July 5, 1984 in Santa Clarita. He’s best known for his performance in American Wedding in the year 2003, which drew huge crowds and is a sequel to the hit American Pie. Zane also became a hit with Star Trek-Insurrection in 1998 and the mystery comedy Holes in 2003. Holes is based on a film by the same title written by Louis Sachar. Zane has an elder sister named Mariah.

Claire Keane is a visual development artist born on 1 March, 1979 in Santa Clarita. Her father Glen Keane is an American illustrator, author and animator. Claire passed out from Paris-based Ecole Superieure D’Arts Graphiques. She was an important member of Disney Animation Studios until she decided to quit in October 2013. She has two children and is presently engaged in presenting her beautiful collection on the internet.
Santa Clarita is an awesome place with a low profile but amazing and talented people. Besides, it’s a fantastic place to live in and was ranked eighteenth by Money Magazine as the top 100 hundred places to reside in the year 2006.

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