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The Life Span of Baby Teeth

We can all agree there is nothing sweeter than a baby. Everything about them, they skin, hair, smell and their precious smile.Who doesn’t love it when their baby’s chew on their fingers? That is, until their baby’s teeth start popping out. What once was precious now has turned into a painful experience you wish you…

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Sleep Apnea Device

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that affects a person’s ability to breath. It is a serious condition as people with untreated sleep apnea often stop breathing while sleeping. Sufferers stop breathing because the airway either collapsed or constricted. Sleep apnea is a serious condition so must be treated as soon as possible. There are…

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Tooth Under the Dental Bridge

Missing teeth can dramatically change the shape of your face and teeth alignment. They also badly influence your speaking, chewing and biting abilities. Dental bridges can help you solve these problems by filling the gap with artificial teeth. Dental bridges are very durable and can last a lifetime. With proper brushing and flossing after each…

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Root Canal Treatment: Myths and Reality

Not so long ago, the teeth affected by a pulp disease were removed. Today, root canal treatment is a rescuing alternative that helps save the teeth that otherwise would be lost. Root canal treatment cures the tooth from inside and eradicates the infection of a tooth pulp. The main goal of this treatment is to…

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