Advanced Comfort Sedation

Millions of people have some kind of dental fear, avoiding proper dental care and treatment even if they are in pain or feel discomfort. Many of them are scared due to previous bad experiences. In our clinic, we want our patients to feel good about their dental visits. If you are a patient who experiences anxiety about visiting the dentist, choose our advanced comfort sedation. We are looking forward to take care of your dental needs in comfort. At Aesthetic Dental & Specialty Center, we give sedatives to our patients in a variety of ways: by mouth, under the tongue, inhaled through the nose or intravenously.

Benefits of Comfort Sedation

    • No Fear

Comfort sedation is the best option for patients who experience fear of dentist’s office. Sedation reduces fear and anxiety and produces a pleasant state of relaxation.

    • Time Saving

With comfort sedation, the patients feel like their procedure lasts only few minutes. Sedation saves your time: many dental procedures that are time consuming can be preformed in less time.

    • Little or No Memory of the Procedure

Sedation leaves a little or no memory of the procedure. After the procedure, possible you will remember only few or none of details. The amnesia effect is beneficial, especially in case of certain dental procedures which can be a traumatic experience for the patient.

    • Pain-free

Sedation helps the patient undergo dental care comfortbaly and without any pain.

    • Relaxed State

Sedation helps people who have no control of their movement stay still during the procedure. It allows the dentist do the work without patient’s resistance.

    • Better Quality of Treatment

When the patient is under sedation, it is easier for the dentist to concentrate on the procedure without worrying about patient’s movements. Sedation also facilitates the healing process and reduces stiffness in the muscles after the procedure.

Advanced Comfort Sedation Best Addresses the Following Conditions:

  • Dental fear
  • Pain sensitivity
  • Sore jaw muscles
  • Uncontrolled gagging reflex
  • Ineffectiveness of local anesthesia
  • Previous bad dental experience
  • Neck or back pain
  • Heart disease or high blood pressure
  • Prolonged dental procedure or microsurgery

Oral Conscious Sedation

Conscious sedation helps you relax and block pain during the procedure. Oral conscious sedation produces a light or moderate effect depending on the patient and the type of procedure. Oral sedation is provided in form of a pill taken before the procedure. Conscious sedation creates a mild lethargy. Oral sedation keeps the level of consciousness for patients’ safety, but relaxes them and blocks the sense of pain. The number of sedatives you take and when you take them will be determined by the dentist before the procedure. With the conscious sedation you will recover and return to your everyday activities very soon.

IV Conscious Sedation

Like oral sedation, IV sedation is considered to be moderate. The main difference is that the drugs are pushed intravenously (IV), producing an effect much sooner. IV sedation also allows adjusting the level of sedation needed during the procedure. The drugs used for IV sedation produce the effect of partial or full memory loss of the procedure. IV sedation provides your comfort during and following the surgical procedure. With the IV conscious sedation, you won’t be totally “out” and will maintain your own breathing. However, in spite of being conscious, you won’t remember anything from the dental procedure.

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