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Dentures are removable appliances that serve to replace missing teeth. If you have lost your teeth because of decay, injury or gum disease, placing partial or full dentures will benefit your health and appearance. Dentures not only improve your smile, but also make eating and speaking easier. At Aesthetic Dental & Specialty Center, our Santa Clarita dentists use premium quality IPN teeth for natural looking partial and full dentures.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing. There are several types of full dentures available in our dental center:

  • Immediate Dentures
    The procedure of immediate dentures placement is completed in one day. Immediate dentures are delivered on the same day after the removal of natural teeth. After the procedure, you should keep on wearing the dentures during the healing period, after a period of few weeks gum shrink. That is why, this type of dentures requires more adjustment to fit them properly and usually should considered to be a temporary treatment until final adjustment on dentures is completed.
  • Next Day Dentures
    The dental procedure for fitting and delivery of dentures is performed on the next day after the teeth extraction or if removal of teeth has been completed at previous time.
  • Overdentures
    While the regular dentures rests on the gums, overdentures are attached to and supported by implants. Usually, overdenture is used when a person has few or no teeth remaining in the jaw, but has enough bone to support implants. The denture is made of an acrylic base that looks like gums and very high quality porcelain like IPN teeth attached to the base. The denture needs at least two implants for proper support.


Partial dentures are used to replace a group of teeth. All partial dentures are attached to the remaining natural teeth.

  • Aesthetic Partial Dentures
    Partial denture is made of replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic. A partial denture may have clasps and a metal framework that are connected to your teeth. In some cases, a special device called precision attachment is used to connect the denture to your natural teeth.
  • Valplast Flexible Partial Dentures
    Valplast partial dentures offer a unique aesthetic quality and comfort. They are custom-fabricated and metal free. Among the main advantages of Valpalst dentures are their light weight, invisibility, safeness and superior comfort. With Valplast you save your time by eliminating teeth preparation and a metal framework try-on. The Valplast placement process provides ideal adaptation to both hard and soft tissues.
  • Implant Supported Partial Dentures
    We can convert your existing denture to implant supported denture, providing you a lot more stability. For those patients who are missing several front teeth, implant supported partial dentures are the best choice, particularly if the remaining teeth are not strong enough to support the dentures. Before you have implant supported dentures in your mouth, you should have the implants placed first.

The dentures require the same care and oral hygiene as your natural teeth. If you want your dentures last longer, follow these simple rules.

  • Clean the dentures regularly. Most of the brands provide a special cleaner for dentures.
  • Don’t let your dentures dry out. When you’re not wearing them, place your dentures to a special dental cleanser in order to keep them hydrated. Don’t use hot water: this may damage your dentures.
  • It is also recommended to rinse your dentures after eating to remove food pieces.
  • Brush your teeth and tongue carefully before putting on your dentures. This stimulates blood circulation in your tissues and removes plaque.

Post Operative Instructions


It is absolutely normal for you to feel awkward and uncomfortable in your new dentures during first days-weeks. Your smile and speech have changed, and you can feel as if your mouth is too full. Don’t worry, you need time to adjust. A little bit of patience and training, and you will learn how to relax your facial muscles and get used to your new appearance.

  • During first days, you should wear your dentures as long as you can. Eat soft foods, cut it into pieces. It is important, because dentures don’t provide you with the same chewing strength as your natural teeth. Such “difficult” food as carrots and steak will require you some practice.
  • Careful maintenance of your dentures is essential: you should clean them carefully to avoid bacteria growth and stains creation. Brush the dentures gently as they are very delicate. Spreading the folded towel or having a basin of water when handling your dentures is a good idea. It is better to use a special brush with soft bristles for dentures and a denture cleaner. Rinse the dentures between your meals. To save their original appearance, dentures should always be moist.
  • During the first nights, it is usually recommended to wear dentures to bed. But after the adjustment period, don’t wear dentures when sleeping. Your gums and jaw need a rest. Wearing dentures permanently may cause tissue irritation, infections and bone shrinkage.
  • When everything is healed after your dental treatment, continue brushing your gums, tongue and palate with a soft brush. This is needed in order to remove plaque and stimulate circulation.
  • You may feel some looseness if your teeth have been removed right prior dentures placement. The discomfort may persist until the gums and bone heal – usually it takes 3-6 months. During the healing period, you can use a temporary liner to help dentures fit more precise. After the healing process, a permanent liner is placed.
  • One of the possible side-effects after the dentures placement is the appearance of sore spots in the mouth. This happens because of uneven pressure on the gums created by dentures. To get rid of sore spots, it it recommended to wear dentures at least during 3-6 hours before the adjustment visit to your dentist. Thus, it will allow to see which gum areas are suffering from soreness and to correct your dentures from the inside with trimmer.
  • With your new dentures you will need to learn speaking normally again. Keeping patience, practicing as well as reading aloud will help you return to a confident speech.

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