Canyon Country

As one of the first four neighborhoods to form the city of Santa Clarita, Canyon Country is a beautiful community situated in the Santa Clarita Valley and Sierra Pelona Mountains foothills.

With almost 60,000 people living in Canyon Country, a dentist is necessary and essential to the district.

Aesthetic Dental & Specialty Center offers a range of services from family dentistry to oral surgery. We even offer advanced comfort sedation for those who have been uncomfortable in a dentist’s office before and emergency dentistry. Our doctors at Aesthetic Dental & Specialty Center are highly skilled and have years of experience helping people take care of their smile.

Canyon Country Dentistry Procedures & Services

Cosmetic Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns help restore the shape, strength, and size of a tooth. Crowns...

Orthodontic Braces

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Achieve the gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted. Braces are used to straighten teeth,...

Teeth Whitening

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We offer professional teeth whitening as part of our cosmetic dentistry services. Our...

Night Guards

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Grinding your teeth in your sleep can cause major discomfort or even worse,...


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Periodontics is the diagnosing, treating and prevention of gum disease. It’s important to...


Aesthetic Dental isn’t far away from Canyon Country, we’re only a neighborhood away in Newhall. We are located between 6th Street and Market Street at 24264 Main Street, Santa Clarita, next to El Trocadero Steak House. It takes about fifteen minutes to get to us by CA-14 South or Soledad Canyon Road and Railroad Avenue.

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Points of Interest

If you need prescription medication after an oral surgery or other procedure, the Valencia Pharmacy is only five minutes away on Peachland Avenue. The Paleta Please ice cream shop is also a short walk away on Walnut Street if your mouth needs soothing after a braces tightening.

No matter the dental work you need, we are here for you. Don’t forget to see what other people in Canyon Country say about us and take a look at the reviews below. Let us help you take care of your smile and keep your teeth healthy, come visit us today!

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