Family Dentistry

Aesthetical Dental & Specialty Center provides a full range of services and personalized care for patients of all age groups.We are here to help you restore the health and beauty of your teeth, gums and jaw. In our Center we serve the needs of all family members. It is very convenient when you can receive a comprehensive dental care in one place.

The combination of advanced technologies and comfortable amenities will make your treatment in our Santa Clarita & Valencia Dental & Specialty Center as relaxing as possible.

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We provide family dental care for:

Babies and Toddles

The main goal of treatment is to examine if all teeth are growing properly and healthy. We will discuss different problems related to budding teeth, such as:

  • How to maintain teeth hygiene
  • How to prevent teeth decay and cavities
  • How to prevent thumbsucking habit which can lead to jaw problems

At the first visit, we will create a plan of follow-up meeting for the next years, according to your child’s needs and potential problems.

Children K-6

We also take a special care for children of 5-12 years old. Our state-of-art technologies enable us to reduce the time your child sits in the dentist chair. We use x-rays and laser dentistry that makes the examination faster and less painful. Our laser system enables us to avoid drilling in many cases as well as eliminate the need for anesthesia and facilitates the healing process. We know how difficult is to put a child at ease. That is why, in order to create a friendly environment, we provide different children’s literature and flat LED HDTVs where your children can watch their favorite cartoons.


We provide general dental and orthodontic services for teenagers and help young patients to understand the importance of hygiene habits and prevent the fear of dentist. We pay a special attention to wisdom teeth which usually appear in the late teens. Also, to prevent a bad bite we offer a wide range of stylish braces, including colored, ceramic and Invisalign®.


With adult patients, we concentrate on a set of different restorative and cosmetic dental procedures. Adult orthodontics is also available in our Center.

Senior Citizens

We provide a range of restorative and maintaining solutions for senior patients: bridges, dentures, crowns, implants, root canals and more. We can help you with gum recession, tooth decay, tooth loss and other dental problems. Remember that regular check-up visits are crucial to detect oral health diseases in their early stage.

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