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A few teeth-related DOs and DON’Ts for voice artists! | Lorelei King

Thanks to Lorelei King for bringing up a topic that’s not often discussed in VO forums and blogs, but very true…dental work can affect the way you sound dramatically (for better or worse), so before you make any major changes, like veneers, implants, caps, dentures, etc, you want to make sure to discuss with your dentist and make sure that he/she understands what you do for a living and how the work will alter your sound. Ashhk, Shhhhean Connery…fortunately getting caps didn’t ruin his career, but they launched a million bad impressions. 


Lorelei King: “I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, but DO avoid tongue and lip piercings if you want a career in voiceover…”


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Dentists in Valencia

Living in and around the Santa Clarita & Valencia area can be an awesome benefit especially if you are seeking a great smile. You’ll find that the Santa Clarita & Valencia Dental benefits that are available to you as well as to everyone in the surrounding area can help you accomplish the smile that you…

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Types of Oral Surgery

Pain, discomfort are what most people experience when they have tooth or jaw related injuries. They also experience feeling of haplessness because of the pain cause by their dental problem. When you have dental problems it is important that you seek immediate help. Letting the problem remain untreated for so long often result to bone…

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Types of Fillings

Dentist treats cavity by removing the decayed part and replacing it with a filling for the tooth. They fill the area where the decay got removed to protect the cavity and prevent the problem from getting worse. Fillings are also great for broken or cracked teeth worn down from tooth grinding or nail biting. If…

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Is That Smile Worth It – Dental Implants

Cosmetic surgery for has become so popular in today’s society that many people are wondering if it is a necessary dental procedure. The latest news would have you believe that everyone needs some sort of cosmetic dental work but that is far from the truth. While they aren’t a necessity for everyone, dental implants can…

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The Life Span of Baby Teeth

We can all agree there is nothing sweeter than a baby. Everything about them, they skin, hair, smell and their precious smile.Who doesn’t love it when their baby’s chew on their fingers? That is, until their baby’s teeth start popping out. What once was precious now has turned into a painful experience you wish you…

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Sleep Apnea Device

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that affects a person’s ability to breath. It is a serious condition as people with untreated sleep apnea often stop breathing while sleeping. Sufferers stop breathing because the airway either collapsed or constricted. Sleep apnea is a serious condition so must be treated as soon as possible. There are…

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