Methods for Repairing a Broken Tooth

When a permanent tooth breaks due to dental issues, accident or injury, it can be difficult for a patient to know exactly what should be done to repair it. Thankfully, cosmetic dentist Dr. Soleimani is here in Santa Clarita to help with all your dental needs!In many cases the tooth is cracked or chipped rather than completely broken, and unless there is pain, a small crack or chip may not be enough to get the patient into a dental office for repair. Cracked or chipped teeth may become painful if the nerve inside the tooth becomes damaged or if sensitivity to hot and cold foods from the cracks in the enamel causes discomfort.

The methods for repairing chipped, cracked or completely broken teeth depend largely on the severity of the break. In any case, if the break is new, it is recommended that you see a dentist as soon as possible, after using over-the-counter temporary dental cement to cover the part of your tooth that is still in your mouth to prevent damage to the nerve endings. The dentist will then assess the break and repair it as necessary.

For small cracks, sometimes called “craze lines,” the dentist will polish the area lightly to smooth over any rough spots. No further treatment is needed for minor cracks.

For a more major crack running down the whole tooth, your dentist can sometimes repair the fracture with filling material, but the tooth may still need a crown to prevent the crack from spreading and getting worse. If any nerve or tissue has been damaged, your dentist may even recommend a root canal.

When it comes to chipped teeth, minor chips can be polished and rounded out to smooth the rough edges, but more major chips may be repaired with filling material to make the tooth look and feel better and to prevent the chip from worsening.

If your tooth has actually been broken, once again the severity of the break factors into the method of repair which your dentist will use. The pointy chewing surfaces of your teeth, called cusps, do not cause much pain if broken, as they do not affect the pulp. In the case of a broken cusp, your dentist may use filling material to restore the shape of the tooth, and polish any rough edges, though in some cases a crown or an onlay may be required.

For serious breaks that go down deep enough to expose the nerve and cause bleeding and pain, a patient will need a root canal to remove the nerve, as well as a crown to restore the functionality of the tooth.

If you have broken, cracked or chipped a tooth, Aesthetic Dental &Specialty Center can help you! We are Santa Clarita, CA’s choice for family and cosmetic dentistry, and can help with emergency dental services. Contact us today at 661-290-2825 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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