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20 Websites To Visit If You Want To Have Healthy Teeth

Did you know that 9 out of 10 systemic diseases have oral manifestations? Caring for your oral health might seem like a tedious chore, but maintaining good dental hygiene habits will benefit you for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, three-quarters of all Americans have periodontal gum disease, and half of all Americans don’t receive regular dental care. Though most of us don’t care to admit it, our collective oral hygiene could definitely use some improvement.

Keeping Your Teeth Sparkling Clean

Fortunately, Americans are improving their oral hygiene each day, and oral healthcare is improving all around the world. Much of this is due to increased awareness of the importance of brushing and flossing regularly. There’s much more to good oral hygiene, however, than merely taking care of the basics. Check out these 20 great sites for more tips, ideas, information, and games that are sure to improve your oral healthcare. With these fun sites, keeping your teeth sparkling white won’t feel like a burden any longer.

1. BBC’s Top Teeth

Whether you’re a child, a parent, or a single adult, the BBC’s Top Teeth webpage is an invaluable resource. The site is a light-hearted reminder of the importance of oral hygiene. The website offers up four original tooth-themed games and a variety of interesting activities and talking points that make caring for your teeth both fun and easy.

2. WebMD’s Oral Care Center

The Oral Care Center, hosted by WebMD, is one of the most useful, comprehensive oral health pages on the web. Particularly useful features on the site include: a personal oral health assessment, quizzes, videos, and an active community in which oral health care topics may be discussed. One particularly helpful article you need to read is this piece on 15 myths and facts about cavities.

3. Humana’s Tips for Oral Hygiene

This detailed article on Humana’s website provides a useful overview of oral care instructions for adults as well as children. The site also lists a number of useful facts and figures about oral hygiene and dental care. Did you know, for example, that oral cancer occurs twice as frequently in men as in women? You’ll be surprised by some of the informative statistics on this webpage.

4. Colgate Oral and Dental Health Resource Center

The Colgate Oral and Dental Health Resource Center is a particularly information-packed website, filled with tons of useful articles and materials that will help you improve your oral hygiene. Some of the best features on the site include its interactive guides for better oral care, which include quizzes to help you assess your likeliness to get cavities, articles on orthodontic appliances, and much more.

5. Brush DJ

Brush DJ is a free, downloadable application that helps make brushing your teeth more engaging than ever before! The dentist-developed application selects a random song from your music library to play for two minutes, ensuring that you are brushing your teeth for long enough each day. The app has a number of other useful features as well, including flossing reminders, dental check-up reminders, and tooth brush replacement reminders. This comprehensive application is guaranteed to change your hygiene routine for the better.

6. AOA’s Oral Health for Older Adults

This comprehensive resource, provided by the Administration on Aging, focuses on oral hygiene for senior citizens and aging adults. The site links to a number of organizations for accessing affordable dental care, offers resources from a web seminar on older adults and oral health, and more.

7. WikiHow: Flossing

Most individuals admit to not flossing their teeth as often as they ought to. Many people feel that flossing is simply a hassle, and others struggle to find a technique that works for them. This WikiHow article offers up some helpful pointers on how to make flossing simpler and more effective. If you’ve always hated wrapping the floss around your fingers, be sure to check out this “Life Hack” tip for making flossing easier than ever before.

8. Maintaining a Diet for Healthy Teeth

This web resource, provided by the American Dental Association, presents information regarding the impact diet has on oral health. The page offers suggestions on foods to eat that are less likely to cause tooth decay. The ADA’s “Top 9 Foods That Damage Your Teeth” slideshow is another great reminder of what foods to avoid for improved oral health.

9. All-Natural Home Teeth-Whitening

Many individuals are concerned with the appearance of their teeth, particularly with their whiteness. This comprehensive article provides a list of foods that whiten teeth naturally. These fruits, vegetables, and easy single-ingredient home remedies are affordable alternatives to expensive professional bleaching products and services.

10. Aiding Tooth Development and Reversing Tooth Decay

This super-informative blog post details the causes of poor tooth and jaw development, as well as the complicated mechanisms triggering tooth decay. Surprisingly, a diet lower in certain foods, such as grains, accompanied by an increase in Vitamin D consumption, can greatly reduce cavity formation along with healing and restoring damaged teeth. If you’ve always been taught that tooth decay is caused primarily by sugars and acids, this article will be a shocking eye-opener for you.

11. Prevention: Get Healthy Teeth for Life

This article, featured in Prevention Magazine, highlights the most common symptoms indicative of oral health problems. Tips for future prevention, as well as cures and remedies for current sufferers, are provided. This article is a must-read for individuals over the age of 50.

12. Bad Teeth? Blame Your Genes

This enlightening CNN article highlights the tremendous impact genetics has on oral health. A whopping 60% of one’s oral wellness is correlated with one’s genetic makeup, whereas only 40% is correlated with hygiene habits, diet, and other behaviors. Surprisingly, such factors as the flavors you can or cannot taste suggest whether or not you will experience more tooth decay during your lifetime.

13. Mayo Clinic: Brush Up On Dental Care Basics

This quick read, compiled by the Mayo Clinic, is a great reminder of the basic brushing and flossing techniques that will improve your o
ral hygiene and overall health. This guide also offers suggestions for keeping your oral hygiene tools clean and sanitized, something that many of us often forget to do.

14. Oral Health America

Since 1955, Oral Health America has been working to achieve a future free of oral health problems and pain. The organization seeks to improve access to oral health care for all members of society, particularly senior citizens and low-income individuals. Oral Health America’s website contains oral health resources as well as information on the programs it runs all across the nation.

15. Healthy Teeth Website is a fantastic resource for parents and children alike. The colorful, fun website provides information about tooth decay and oral hygiene, and offers up games, coloring activities, and quizzes for children to participate in. The site’s most unique feature is a virtual dentist’s office tour, which highlights the different tools and elements featured in a typical dentist’s office.

16. Can Receding Gums Grow Back?

This webpage highlights techniques that may help remedy gum conditions such as periodontitis, the inflammation or receding of the gums. Many tips may be new to readers, including coconut oil “oil pulling.” If your gum condition is serious, the page also details the medical procedures that may need to be undertaken to restore gum health.

17. Root Canal Treatment

If you may have to undergo root canal treatment in the future, this web resource is a worthwhile read. This straight-forward guide, written by the American Association of Endodontists, describes the procedure with straight-forward text and diagrams. Reading it will assuage your fears regarding root canal treatment.

18. Braces for Kids

This guide is ideal for children who will soon be getting braces. This article, like others on the Kids’ Health site, is written in an informing, comforting manner, educating your child on orthodontic work without scaring them off. Parents and children alike will benefit from the helpful oral health articles on the site.

19. Oral Health FAQs

This list of frequently-asked oral hygiene questions is particularly useful for those who are unsure what hygiene products to use and why. Whether you’re consider an electric toothbrush or trying to choose a mouthwash to use, this FAQ is likely to address your most pressing questions.

20. What Your Tongue Says about Your Health

The tongue is often neglected in regards to oral hygiene. The state of your tongue may indicate health problems, either orally or throughout the body. Check out this quick slideshow to determine if you are suffering from any of these health conditions.

Having healthy teeth requires that you pay attention to all aspects of your oral health. Checking out these websites will put you on-track for excellent oral hygiene in the future.