10 Healthier Sugary Food Alternatives to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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While some people crave sweets every day, many people only experience cravings every once in a while. Though we all desire sugary foods, they’re bad for our teeth and health! Read on for the best things to eat to help fight sugar cravings.

Why are Sugary Foods Bad For Our Teeth?

Consuming too much sugar leads to tooth decay. Our mouths are full of  bacteria, some beneficial to our oral health, some however are not. A type of harmful bacteria feed on the sugars you eat which create acids that then destroy tooth enamel. However, our teeth are resilient and saliva contains phosphates and calcium that help repair our teeth!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With These 10 Foods That Will Eliminate Your Cravings!

  1. Tea 
    • While you may not consider tea as your first choice to curb your sweet tooth, there are many flavors of tea that taste sweet such as cinnamon or raspberry! Make sure these teas do not contain added sugars if you buy them in liquid form.
  2. Fresh Fruits
    • Any type of fresh fruit like a pear, watermelon, or apple will satisfy your sugar craving in the most natural form!
  3. Berries
    • A small cup of berries can stop your sweet tooth! Berries are also filling so they will keep you full for a long time on top of the benefit of curbing your sweet tooth. Try raspberries or cranberries; cranberries can even discourage bacterial growth in your mouth!
  4. Sweet Vegetables
    • Don’t forget that vegetables can also be sweet! Sweet veggies such as sweet potatoes or butternut squash can help eliminate sugar cravings.
  5. Homemade Ice Cream
    • Though ice cream shops and grocery stores sell high-sugar ice creams, you can make your own with naturally sweet foods such as bananas or mangos as a healthier, less sugar-filled option!
  6. Peanut Butter
    • Low-sugar peanut butter is a simple solution to helping you stop cravings. A spoonful is sometimes all you need.
  7.  Coconut
    • Coconut is low in sugar but tastes extremely sweet. A delicious snack that is easy to eat on the go is coconut chips which are sweet and deliver a great crunch! 
  8.  Drink 100% Juice and Use a Straw
    • Though juice still contains high amounts of sugar, 100% juice is better than soda which is loaded with added sugars. Drink these juices in moderation and use a straw! Sipping through a straw can help prevent your teeth from coming into contact with sugar.
  9. Use Mint
    • Mint can add a touch of flavor and sweetness and mint extract taste delicious as a sweetener in coffee or other spreads! It also helps kill bacteria in the mouth and leaves your mouth feeling fresh!
  10. Chew Sugarless Gum
    • Chewing gum can stop your sweet tooth and gum that contains xylitol actually reduce the risk of cavities. Gum also can remove food stuck to your teeth and increases saliva production to promote a positive oral health environment!

We all love chocolate and ice cream but these sugary foods are unnecessary to curb that persistent sweet tooth that you may have. Keep in mind you should still eat these alternatives in moderation as any type of sugar is not the best for your oral health. Try eating some of these healthy sugary food alternatives the next time you crave something sweet- and don’t forget to brush and floss, especially after eating sugar!

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