How Much Do All-On-4 Dental Implants Cost? A Comprehensive Guide

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Illustration of how the bottom arch of all-on-4 implants look in one's mouth.

When replacing natural or missing teeth, all-on-4 dental implants are a common treatment choice due to their durability. Traditional dentures require an adhesive application; on the other hand, all-on-4 implants, are inserted directly into the jawbone for a more stable fit.

Overall Cost

All-on-4 implants typically cost between $25,000 and $30,000 for a full mouth and the average cost per arch is about $15,000, but the cost for each individual varies due to a number of factors.

How Insurance Impacts the Cost of All-On-4

The majority of dental insurance policies do not cover all-on-4 implants. To find out if all-on-4 implants are covered by your insurance policy, it’s vital to contact your provider.

Medicaid and Medicare

All-on-4 implants are not covered by insurance providers like Medicare and Medicaid because implants are considered cosmetic surgery.


You can pay for all-on-4 implants using a variety of payment options. Numerous dental offices provide internal financing and payment plans. All-on-4 implant surgery can be performed with no down payment and no interest for up to 24 months at Aesthetic Dental because we provide 0% financing to our patients.

Determining Costs for All-On-4 Implants

The type of material utilized, the number of implants required, and the dental office’s location are a few variables that determine the price of all-on-4 implants. To determine if all-on-4 implants are the best course of treatment for you, your dentist will first examine your mouth. If so, they will create a treatment plan after taking X-rays, CT scans, and impressions of your teeth. Your dentist will be able to provide you with a more precise cost estimate once the treatment plan has been created.

Standard Implants vs. All-On-Four

All-on-4 implants typically cost more than regular dental implants. This is due to the fact that all-on-4 implants are more invasive and carry a higher risk of complications. All-on-4 implants, on the other hand, are a more long-term fix and, with proper maintenance, can last a lifetime.

Cost-Affecting Factors

The price of all-on-4 implants depends on factors such as:


The cost of anesthesia for the all-on-4 operation is included in the cost of the implants. 

How Many Implants Are Needed

The price depends on how many all-on-4 implants you require. The price decreases with fewer implants.

Type of Implant Material Chosen

The price will also vary depending on the implant material you select. Three distinct materials—acrylic, composite, and porcelain—are offered for All-on-4 implants. The most affordable alternative is acrylic all-on-4 implants, while the most expensive are porcelain all-on-4 implants.

Other factors:

  • Bone Grafting 
  • Dental Health
  • Placement of Implants
  • Tooth Replacement
  • Gum Disease

Improve Your Smile with All-On-4 Implants at Aesthetic Dental

Utilize all-on-4 dental implants to improve your smile.  The all-on-4 dental implants cost may seem high, but the long-term benefits are worth the investment. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about all-on-4 implants.

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