Professional Dental Cleaning: Why You Should Bother

You brush your teeth twice a day, sometimes more. You floss religiously, and you avoid sugary foods and drinks. No reason to get your teeth cleaned at the dentist’s office, right? Actually, no matter how well you take care of your smile at home, there are benefits of a twice-yearly professional cleaning that just can’t be replicated at home. Here are a few of the reasons why regular visits to your dental office for exams and cleaning are a vital component in your oral hygiene regimen.

Gum Disease Prevention– Periodontitis, otherwise known as gum disease, is one of the top causes of tooth and bone loss. On top of good home care, regular dental cleanings are the best way to fight off gum disease.

Oral Cancer Screening- When you visit your dental office for an exam and cleaning, your hygienist screens you for oral cancer. Since early detection is the best way to improve your prognosis should you be diagnosed, it is important that you are regularly screened for oral cancer by a dental professional.

Improved Smile– There’s nothing like a dental cleaning to make you feel like your most confident self. Your smile says a lot about you, and keeping that smile bright and healthy can boost your confidence, which can in turn improve your overall quality of life.

Good Oral Health– Visiting a dentist for twice-yearly exams and cleanings is the only way to stay on top of your oral health and detect any problems early enough to deal with them effectively. Your dentist and hygienist compare your oral health each visit with records from previous exams so they are able to see right away if something needs to be addressed or if a condition is improving, Letting issues go for too long can lead to the need for more painful, expensive treatments, and can cost you your dental health.

Good Health in General- Since so many chronic inflammatory diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes have been linked with poor oral health, getting your teeth cleaned regularly by a professional is a good way to prevent these problems by keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Looking for a dentist in Santa Clarita? Aesthetic Dental is here for you! Our caring team of dental professionals will get you back on track with regular exams and cleanings and give you a smile you can be proud of. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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